Electrical and Mechanical Case Study


EESI has a really long-standing working relationship with a leading British dairy products company that has lasted for more than 20 years. We provide a number of electrical and mechanical services for this client, as well as regular maintenance and callouts.


We were brought in to support the main contractor when the company replaced the existing waste water system with a new aerated system, designing and installing a switch room to power the new system. They wanted to utilise the same building as a dedicated facility for charging the batteries in their forklift trucks.

We were given motor schedules by the contractor delivering the waste water system and, from there, we calculated the loads that were going to be required. We also had to design a switchboard, calculating the additional power supply that would require. We brought in a specialist to build the panel, providing them with the information of exactly how we wanted to fit it out.

The project also included designing and installing both internal and external LED lighting solutions and a state-of-the-art aspirated fire detection system that is not commonly used, but which is highly sensitive and can detect smoke before it is visible to the human eye. This type of system provides a very early warning of fire, prompting investigation at the earliest stage of fire, when it is more easily dealt with. It is very accurate in terms of the types of particles it detects and its variable sensitivity makes it a flexible system with many benefits.


As the motors in the plant were kissing in all the time, a reactive power factor was essential on this project: a standard power factor just wouldn’t deliver what was required. The power factor EESI installed reacts straight away, saving energy as the system reacts to what is required rather than storing energy. If the low power factor kicks in, it brings it down and has an effect right the way down through the network to the substation.

The forklift battery charging station was unusual as you wouldn’t normally tie a forklift charging bay onto a switch room. Additionally, it wasn’t just a low voltage switch room but also a high voltage switch room, so we brought in a high voltage specialist to assist on that.

A back-up generator was included as part of the project, in case of a power failure on site, to ensure essential parts of the equipment kept running, so we calculated the power required and provided the correct generator for the job. Instead of an automatic change over on power failure, a manual change over was required as, for safety, they didn’t want the plant to stop and restart automatically. This way, if there is a power outage, all the equipment gets isolated and can be restarted in its turn and when people are ready.

tow truck


We were able to design a switch room building to the size required with a very efficient use of space and excellent ease of use, particularly with regard to the forklift charging bay.

We liaised with the end-user to ensure all the systems met their specifications. The metering is run through a fiberoptic network back to their main centre. EESI takes pride in delivering a comprehensive turnkey service and has a team of experts who can handle this type of specialised requirement.

Strong project management has been essential throughout this project. We’ve had to work with the client as well as the other contractors on the site to ensure a smooth changeover of systems with as little disruption to day-to-day activities as possible. We handled everything, from the building side, to the design, construction, electrical and even to the actual move in.


The company now has a fully powered state-of-the art waste water management system which is contributing to their production facilities. The forklift bay allows them to charge forklifts far more quickly than they could before, reducing waiting time and drops in productivity while forklifts recharge.

We continue to work with the client on an ongoing basis and have engineers and facilities staff at their premises all the time as part of an ongoing facilities maintenance package. We are currently replacing the ceilings in their main building.

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