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05Nov 2018
Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Commercial Air Conditioner for Your Business

Maintaining the appropriate temperature in your office is a factor in providing quality customer satisfaction as well as boosting your employees’ performance and productivity. However, with the variety of air conditioning brands available in the market today, choosing the right commercial air conditioning unit can be a challenging task for many business owners. If you […]

05Nov 2018
Ways to Ensure Proper Air Circulation in Your Office

Indoor air quality is vital for businesses, building managers and employees since it affects the well being of office occupants. Air conditioners contribute largely to achieving a quality working environment and require a constant air flow to work correctly. The quality of the air we breathe, especially in indoor spaces such as offices can have […]

01May 2018
How Air Conditioning Maintenance Benefits Your Business

Having an air conditioning system installed in your facility could bring a series of advantages to your business. These range from the comfort you will be giving to your clients or customers to the productivity of your staff and employees. However, air conditioning systems could potentially harm the company if overlooked over a period of […]

10Mar 2018
What is Smart Building Control?

For a modern building to function fully, it relies on different systems such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, IT systems and security controls. Thanks to the advancement of technology, it is now possible to control and manage these systems using an intelligent building management system also known as Smart Building Control. A Smart Building Control […]

07Feb 2018
A Buying Guide About Air Conditioning for your Business

Air conditioning is a necessity when it comes to office space. When buying this system for your business, there are a lot of things to consider, such the machine’s different modes, timer capabilities, energy efficiency and controls. Businesses rely on air conditioning to keep their offices cool and their equipment safe from temperature changes. Sensitive […]

01Jan 2018
Workplace Lighting: What You Need To Know

Quality lighting has a huge effect on the performance of employees. However, lighting is often low on the list of priorities when offices have an upgrade, despite the fact that people spend so many daytime hours at work. Good workplace lighting provides numerous benefits for the business and employees. Aside from its aesthetic advantages, good […]

07Sep 2017
Darren Jewell

Fire & Security Engineer Darren Jewell has been with EESI for seven years and has been an outstanding member of the team during his time with us. His wealth of experience and determination to constantly improve has spread throughout the company and certainly plays a part in improving our overall service. His qualities as an […]

03Jul 2017
1 Parkrun team and councillor Neil Gibbs with the new defibrillator

The community of Stonehouse, lead by Stonehouse parkrun and Stonehouse Town FC, have received and successfully installed a new defibrillator at the Oldends Lane playing fields. The Stonehouse parkrun team had been actively fundraising for the machine as part of a nationwide campaign to have the life-saving device available at all park run locations. Local […]

23Feb 2017

EESI are delighted to announce our sponsorship of Dan Cooper Motorsport for the 2017 season. Dan, who was born in Gloucester, has been motorbike racing since he was 11 years old and has enjoyed successful seasons in previous years, including at a National level in Britain and Spain. In 2006 Dan became British champion in […]

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