Facilities Management

EESI provide comprehensive facilities management services for a wide range of industries from manufacturing and engineering businesses, to offices, heritage properties and a diverse selection of other types of buildings.

Our facilities maintenance covers electrical and mechanical systems as well as building maintenance, repairs and smart building controls.

Electrical & Mechanical Systems

EESI provide a turnkey service covering all aspects of facilities maintenance, including electrical and mechanical systems. By coordinating electrical and mechanical systems maintenance with our other building management services we can ensure any works undertaken cause minimal disruption and are overseen by your dedicated facility manager.


Our specialist heritage property team are experts at maintaining electrical and mechanical systems as well as heritage buildings themselves. Our mechanical and electrical engineers are experts at working within specialist properties and are familiar with all of the challenges that heritage properties can present.

EESI also have a dilapidations department dedicated to completing maintenance and repairs on heritage properties requiring attention. The dilapidations team works closely with our electrical and mechanical teams to ensure a coordinated maintenance of your property with minimum disturbance by our staff.


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